Who Else Wants a Good Electric Shaver?

Why use old fashioned razor and shaving cream in era of electricity? Every day engineers work to make electric shavers even better and to suit more different kinds of hairs. So why do not you give them a chance?

One of the oldest company that came with idea of ​​electric razor is Philips. Now it's recognized mark, but almost half century ago, Philips was prevented from using its name by another company and then Norelco come to life. The name stands for North American Philips [electrical] Company. Making the long story short – Philips Norelco is one of the oldest electric shaver maker. And with so long time comes great dose of experience, making Norelco the top selling electric razor company.

Today, it's easy to be overwhelmed by numbers of types and models of shavers, but since we want good electric cordless shaver, we can restrain to basic model like Norelco 8240XL or top level from Senso Touch 3D series like Norelco 1250XCC.

8240XL is genuine every day use model. It provides good shaving, easy cleaning at really reasonable price. The price comes at cost of low battery level indicator. We have charging LED but no low battery. It is somewhat weird – but it's not a problem at all! Battery last for about two weeks, so we can charge it on time or in emergency – use it with cord. It is really good for basic use.

On the other side of the list we have ultimate shaving machine – Norelco 1250XCC. XCC mean that this model comes with cleaning station that helps to maintain shaver in perfect condition for years. 1250XCC is quiet, shaves as good as normal razor and have every function invented for an electric shaver. LED battery life indicator, cleaning and charging station, easy to clean with just water – what more can we require?

But since we are in this subject – electric shavers are not yet for everyone. Some will prefer foil instead of blades, and for some nothing will replace old good razor. But there is a hope – Norelco provides 45 days return guaranty. It also recommends to use the razor for 3 weeks, so the skin and razor can use to each other.

Source by Artur P.

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