This Week in Tech: Apple Must Decide What to Do With Touch ID

This Week in Tech: Apple Must Decide What to Do With Touch ID

Sometime in the next few weeks, Apple will have to decide which of its “iPhone 8” prototypes becomes the company’s next flagship device. The choice in recent days seems to have narrowed to two choices, although a third one shouldn’t be discounted.

The main difference between the three prototypes is how they handle Touch ID. The most innovative of the three models and the one preferred inside of Apple includes a front-facing, virtual Touch ID beneath the display.  Unfortunately, production issues remain for this model.

The second device, which we’ve been calling “Plan B,” has a physical Touch ID on the back of the device right below the Apple logo. This model is almost certainly the one Apple will select if yield issues remain for “Plan A.”

The third prototype has no Touch ID. Instead, it depends on biometric technology including iris recognition or 3-D sensors for authentication.

The Choice. I remain convinced this is a two handset race between Plan A and Plan B. As such, despite current production issues, I still think Apple will select the first option for release.

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