Subaru will reveal the Ascent 3-row crossover at the L.A. auto show

After about a year of concepts and spy photos, we finally know when we’ll see the Subaru Ascent, the company’s upcoming three-row crossover. Subaru announced on Twitter that the Ascent will make its debut on November 28 at this year’s L.A. Auto Show. The announcement came with a teaser image, shown above, revealing the badge, rear taillight, and part of the bumper. We can tell that the Ascent will have a pretty upright hatch, and the rear bumper looks suitably “tough” with a brushed aluminum sill and black plastic cladding.

But really, we know quite a bit about what the crossover will look like, since we’ve seen two concepts, the Viziv-7 and Ascent Concept. Each was a progressively more conservative imagining of what the production model would be like. The basics involved a generally boxy shape with chiseled, exaggerated fenders, much like every other production Subaru. The Ascent Concept also previewed a possible powertrain for the vehicle, a turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-4.

We’ve also had a good look at the production version in some recent spy shots showing a nearly production-ready Ascent wrapped in just vinyl camouflage. Some of the more extreme lines have been further toned down compared with the concepts. But the theme of it being a bigger, boxier Subaru stuck around. In fact, it looks very much like a puffed up Outback, with which the Ascent will share a factory in Lafayette, Ind.

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