Nokia 8600 Luna – A Mobile Phone For The Fashion Conscious

Nokia introduced it 8600 handset targeting the fashion conscious. A lot of attention has been given to the details of the phone. The phone is quite a stunner. Nokia has been a trend setter in the kinds of mobile phones launched by them. This one is no exception. They have used an innovative smoked glass. This gives the phone a very stylish and sophisticated look. The phone is heavy by the new standards but it may be the glass that adds to the weight. The handset in slim & easy to handle with an overall casing size of 107mm high by 45mm wide by 15.9mm deep.


The casing has a stainless steel body & comes with smooth lines and edges so giving it a very attractive look. The display screen made of smoked glass gives a very mysterious look to the Nokia 8600 mobile phone especially when it lights up from inside when the phone rings. The (2-inch) screen boasts 16 million colors and a 320×240-pixel resolution that means photos and videos look extremely sharp and natural.


Sliding up the phone grace fully reveals sleek & stylish keypad. The smoked glass cover protects the keypad on the front of the handset & the camera lens on the reverse of the handset. The navigation keys are placed just below the screen. So you can access the basic features of the phone without opening the slide.


The multimedia present on the Nokia 8600 mobile phone is basic but it is quite effective. There is a well protected camera lens which covers the 2 mega pixel camera with a 4 x zoom feature.


The mobile phone comes with a built in Internet browser which provides the user with XHTML over TCP / IP web browsing. It also has a music player which plays all format of music like AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, MP3, MIDI, AMR & WMA. Wireless audio streaming can be done through the blue tooth. The phone comes with a flight mode feature which allows the user to access certain features on their mobile phone when in restricted mobile phone areas such as in a hospital or on a flight. GPRS Web browsing is quite good on the phone. It also has the Nokia's Express audio messaging, which allows you to send voice-clips as MMS. This is a very interesting feature. The phone is quad band phone.

Source by Adam Authet

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