Kansas City mayor gives 1,000 Amazon products five stars in hopes of securing second headquarters

Following the trend of desperate cities vying for Amazon to choose them as its second headquarters, Kansas City’s mayor bought 1,000 Amazon products today and reviewed them on the company’s website. But don’t worry, all the products are going to charity.

Amazon is asking cities to woo the company by October 19th with incentives like tax credits, relocation grants, fee reductions, and more in order to get chosen as the company’s second headquarters. Amazon’s main headquarters is Seattle, Washington, so that state is probably out of the running, but other major contenders include Dallas and New York.

Mayor Sly James is quite on trend, promoting his efforts on Facebook and Twitter, even branding his video as an “unboxing” video, like what YouTubers make to show off their hauls. He called it, “a reason for Amazon to come to KC.”

James gave all 1,000 products five stars, as a thank you to Amazon, and wrote a meticulous paragraph for each product, with gems like, “Oh baby, this baby oil is a real treat! If you’re looking for a deal on baby moisturizer, you found it” and, “10/10 would recommend this horse bag.” Of course, James didn’t neglect the opportunity to mention Kansas City in every single review.

James purchased eclectic items like children’s halloween costumes, local Kansas City band Taj Mahal’s original album, and wind chimes. Writing 1,000 reviews for Amazon seems creative if rather desperate, but then again, another city has already offered to rename itself Amazon, Georgia.


I bought 1,000 products for charity on Amazon and reviewed them all with a little KC love. Read all my reviews at kc5stars.com

Posted by Mayor Sly James on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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