How to Use Your BlackBerry's Calculator

In the realm of business, you deal with calculations almost all the time, and therefore, you need a great calculator. And a very efficient one, incorporated in your BlackBerry's system will do. RIM considered that it would be great for you to use a BlackBerry calculator that imitates the traditional one, with a standard number pad you got used to.

When accessing the Calculator, open the folder Applications pressing Enter or press the track wheel. You can make calculations ranging from simple arithmetic operations to more complicated calculations. All you need to do is follow some simple steps. For example, you need to multiply 345 by 12. Let's see how you should do it:

– once you open the calculator, select the first digit, 3 in our case, press the track wheel and do the same with the rest of the numbers, 4 and 5
– select the operator sign you need, press the track wheel
– select the second numeral, 12 in our case
– select the equal sign and press the track wheel again

There are a few keys in Calculator that are not numeric, including C (Clear) and CE (Clear Entry). There are also other types of non-numeric keys, such as:

– MR (Memory Recall), its function is to reach the register and use the stored numbers
– MC (Memory Clear), it deletes the content from the register
– MS (Memory Save) the tool that saves numbers to the register
– M + (Memory Plus) sends another number to the register
– 1 / x (Invert Multiplication), it automatically divides 1 by a selected number

Source by Mihai Dumbrava

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