How to Upload YouTube Shorts from PC

In today’s digital era, YouTube has become a platform where content creators can showcase their creativity and engage with a vast audience. One of the recent additions to YouTube’s repertoire is “YouTube Shorts.” This feature allows users to upload short vertical videos, similar to popular platforms like TikTok. In this article, we will explore how to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC, providing step-by-step guidance and valuable tips for content creators.

1. Introduction

YouTube Shorts has gained immense popularity due to its quick, visually appealing format that captivates viewers’ attention. While many users primarily upload Shorts from their mobile devices, uploading from a PC offers several advantages. By following a few simple steps, you can enhance your Shorts’ quality and efficiency while leveraging the convenience of a larger screen and powerful editing tools.

2. What are YouTube Shorts?

2.1 Definition

YouTube Shorts are brief videos of up to 60 seconds that can be recorded and edited directly within the YouTube app. They are designed to be viewed vertically and are typically accompanied by catchy music or audio clips. Shorts provide a platform for content creators to express their creativity, entertain viewers, and potentially go viral.

2.2 Features

YouTube Shorts come with a range of features that make them an exciting medium for creators. These include:

  • Multi-segment camera: Users can string multiple video clips together to create a seamless Shorts video.
  • Timer and countdown: Creators can set a timer to record their Shorts hands-free, allowing for dynamic performances.
  • Speed controls: Users have the option to adjust the playback speed of their Shorts, adding a creative touch to their content.
  • Music library: YouTube offers an extensive collection of music tracks and sound effects that can be added to Shorts to enhance the viewer’s experience.

3. Benefits of Uploading YouTube Shorts from PC

While uploading YouTube Shorts from a mobile device is convenient, utilizing a PC brings additional advantages that can enhance the overall quality of your content.

3.1 Increased Editing Options

By uploading Shorts from a PC, content creators can utilize advanced editing software, such as professional video editing tools or online editing platforms. These tools offer a wider range of effects, transitions, and customization options, enabling creators to polish their Shorts and make them more visually appealing.

3.2 Improved Efficiency

Working on a PC provides a larger screen and a more comfortable environment for content creators to review, edit, and fine-tune their Shorts. This increased screen real estate allows for better precision and attention to detail during the editing process, resulting in higher-quality content.

4. How to Upload YouTube Shorts from PC

To upload YouTube Shorts from a PC, follow these simple steps:

4.1 Step 1: Creating a Short Video

Before uploading a YouTube Short, you need to create a captivating video. Use your preferred video editing software to craft a compelling narrative or showcase a visually stunning concept within the 60-second timeframe. Ensure your video aligns with YouTube’s community guidelines to maintain a positive experience for viewers.

4.2 Step 2: Preparing the Video for Upload

After finalizing your Short video, ensure it meets the necessary specifications. YouTube Shorts require a vertical aspect ratio of 9:16 and a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Consider adding text overlays, subtitles, or captions to make your Shorts more engaging and accessible to a wider audience.

4.3 Step 3: Uploading the Video

Once your Short video is prepared, follow these steps to upload it to YouTube Shorts:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the YouTube website.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  3. Click on the “Create” button located at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select the “Upload Videos” option.
  5. Drag and drop your prepared Short video file into the upload window.
  6. Add a descriptive title, relevant tags, and a captivating thumbnail to optimize your Shorts’ visibility.
  7. Select the appropriate category and adjust privacy settings according to your preferences.
  8. Click on the “Publish” button to make your YouTube Short available to the public.

5. Best Practices for Uploading YouTube Shorts

To maximize the reach and impact of your YouTube Shorts, consider implementing the following best practices:

5.1 Video Length and Format

Keep your Shorts concise and engaging by adhering to the maximum duration of 60 seconds. Viewers are more likely to watch shorter videos in their entirety. Remember to maintain the vertical aspect ratio of 9:16 for optimal viewing on mobile devices.

5.2 Thumbnail and Title

Craft an attention-grabbing thumbnail and title for your Shorts. A visually appealing thumbnail and a compelling title can significantly increase click-through rates and attract more viewers to your content. Use clear, concise language and incorporate relevant keywords to optimize searchability.

5.3 Utilizing Keywords

When uploading YouTube Shorts, strategically incorporate relevant keywords in your video title, description, and tags. Conduct thorough keyword research to identify popular search terms related to your content. This will help your Shorts appear in relevant search results, boosting their visibility and potential reach.

6. Conclusion

Uploading YouTube Shorts from a PC provides content creators with enhanced editing options and improved efficiency. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can create and upload captivating Shorts that engage your audience and potentially grow your channel. Leverage the power of YouTube Shorts to showcase your creativity and connect with a broader community of viewers.

7. FAQs

Q1: Can I edit my YouTube Shorts after uploading them from a PC?
A1: Yes, you can edit your YouTube Shorts even after uploading them from a PC. Simply access the YouTube Studio and make the desired changes to your Shorts’ title, description, thumbnail, or other elements.

Q2: Is there a limit to the number of YouTube Shorts I can upload from a PC?
A2: There is no specific limit to the number of YouTube Shorts you can upload from a PC. However, it’s important to ensure that your Shorts comply with YouTube’s community guidelines and provide value to your audience.

Q3: Can I monetize YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC?
A3: As of the current guidelines, YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC are not eligible for monetization through YouTube’s Partner Program. However, YouTube may introduce monetization options for Shorts in the future.

Q4: Can I use copyrighted music in my YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC?
A4: It’s important to respect copyright laws and avoid using copyrighted music without proper licensing or permission. YouTube provides a library of free-to-use music and sound effects that can be added to your Shorts to avoid copyright infringement.

Q5: Can I track the performance of my YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC?
A5: Yes, you can track the performance of your YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC through YouTube Analytics. Monitor metrics such as views, watch time, audience engagement, and other relevant statistics to gain insights into your Shorts’ performance.

Uploading YouTube Shorts from a PC opens up a world of possibilities for content creators. With access to powerful editing software and the convenience of a larger screen, you can take your Shorts to the next level. Utilize the following tips and tricks to enhance your YouTube Shorts uploading experience.

1. Experiment with Effects and Transitions

When creating Shorts on a PC, you have access to a wide range of effects and transitions. Take advantage of these features to add flair and creativity to your videos. From eye-catching transitions between clips to captivating visual effects, explore the possibilities and experiment with different styles to make your Shorts stand out.

2. Utilize Advanced Editing Tools

PC-based video editing software provides advanced editing tools that can elevate the quality of your Shorts. Take the time to learn and master these tools to enhance your videos. Features like color correction, audio adjustments, and advanced timeline editing allow you to fine-tune your Shorts and create a professional-looking end product.

3. Incorporate Captions and Subtitles

To ensure your Shorts are accessible to a wider audience, consider adding captions or subtitles. This not only helps viewers with hearing impairments but also enables your content to reach non-native English speakers or those watching videos in a sound-sensitive environment. PC-based editing software often provides easy-to-use tools for adding captions and subtitles to your Shorts.

4. Optimize Thumbnail Design

When uploading YouTube Shorts from a PC, you have more control over the design and customization of your thumbnail. Create visually appealing thumbnails that capture the essence of your Short and entice viewers to click. Use bold colors, clear text, and compelling imagery to make your thumbnail stand out in a crowded feed.

5. Collaborate with Other Creators

Uploading Shorts from a PC allows for seamless collaboration with other creators. You can easily share video files, work on joint projects, and combine your skills to create engaging Shorts. Collaborating with other creators can expand your reach, introduce new perspectives, and help you create even more captivating content.

In conclusion, uploading YouTube Shorts from a PC provides content creators with an array of benefits. From increased editing options to improved efficiency, the process allows you to create visually stunning and engaging Shorts. By utilizing advanced editing tools, experimenting with effects, and optimizing your thumbnail design, you can maximize the impact of your Shorts. Embrace the opportunities provided by PC-based editing and start uploading captivating YouTube Shorts that captivate and entertain your audience.


Q1: Can I upload YouTube Shorts from any PC?

A1: Yes, you can upload YouTube Shorts from any PC as long as it meets the minimum system requirements. Ensure you have a stable internet connection, a compatible web browser, and the necessary video editing software to create and upload your Shorts.

Q2: Can I upload previously recorded videos as YouTube Shorts from a PC?

A2: Yes, you can upload previously recorded videos as YouTube Shorts from a PC. Simply follow the steps outlined in this article to prepare and upload your existing videos as Shorts. Remember to adhere to the 60-second duration and the vertical aspect ratio requirements.

Q3: Can I monetize YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC?

A3: At present, YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC are not eligible for monetization through YouTube’s Partner Program. However, YouTube may introduce monetization options specifically for Shorts in the future. Stay updated with YouTube’s guidelines for any changes regarding monetization.

Q4: Are there any content restrictions for YouTube Shorts uploaded from a PC?

A4: Yes, YouTube has community guidelines that apply to all uploaded content, including Shorts. Ensure your Shorts comply with these guidelines, which prohibit content that is violent, sexually explicit,


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