How to Find a Person’s Name From a Cell Phone Number – This One Will Actually Work!

There are more than 1 million people who try to track down the phone owner using their cell numbers every month. If the reasons behind these searches are evaluated few common factors could be outlined as:

  • To check on a spouse who is receiving calls from a suspicious number.
  • To stop a nuisance caller.
  • To keep an eye on who the kids are calling while parents are way at work etc.

Some methods work while others don’t work

There are also several ways in which people attempt to track Wireless numbers. What we need to understand is not all these methods are equally efficient thus it’s advisable not to waste your time on some of them. Let’s consider couple of such methods.

White Pages – Unfortunately that doesn’t work. This is because cell numbers are considered personal information and not listed on the public domain. There are even privacy laws to protect wireless phone subscriber privacy rights!

Private Investigators!

Now this a real bad choice yet so many people think it’s the only way! Simply because you need wait a few days to weeks and a large chunk is taken off your pay check to pay for the PI.

Online Reverse Cellular Phone Directories – This one actually works!

  1. This is an excellent, efficient, reliable method.
  2. The best ones allows to access more than 200 million Wireless phone numbers.
  3. These online databases can be accessed from where ever you are. All you need is a computer with basic internet!
  4. Your privacy is 100% protected since you do the searching yourself. – nobody but you know about your investigations
  5. You can get your hands on info such as the user’s Full name, Age, Address, Family and neighborhood info etc.
  6. You can do an unlimited number of searches with these directories
  7. Searches take only a couple of minutes

Source by Shalini Wijaya


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