Front-wheel drive BMW X2 crossover coming this spring

Front-wheel drive BMW X2 crossover coming this spring

The all-wheel drive BMW X2 hit the bright lights at the Detroit Auto Show this month, and will hit U.S. dealerships in March. The front-wheel drive BMWX2 will arrive a couple of months afterward, opening up another, less expensive entry point for the substantial number of conquest buyers BMW expects the mini crossover to capture. One letter will be the difference between the two vehicles, the AWD version called the xDrive28i, the FWD version known as the sDrive28i.

Otherwise, when it comes to the outside of the X2, expect less of what you get with the X1. Pitched as a sporty lifestyle proposition, the X2 is the smallest crossover in the lineup, 3.2 inches shorter than the X1, with a roofline that stands 2.8 inches lower. Inside, the X2 copies the X1’s cabin in practically all aspects save the steering wheel. The only engine we’ll get is the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, shifting through an eight-speed transmission. That peppy, elastic unit also powers two MiniJohn Cooper Works models, which ride on the same UKL platform as the X1/X2.

What the X2 lacks in dimensions vs. the X1 it aims to replace with funkiness, thereby justifying its higher price compared to its larger stalemate. Only the door handles and antenna get shared with the X1, and notice the design sleight-of-hand like the upside down kidney grille, the first application of such on a modern BMW. The AWD X2 starts at $ 38,400, sacrificing a driven axle should lower that price to about $ 36,400, both of those prices $ 2,500 more dear than an equivalent X1. Options like the M Sport X package will give your bank account a few stiff jabs, raising the price to $ 43,050 on the AWD model to get a sportier suspension, styling kit like the chunky side sills and flashier, 19-inch wheels, and Premier trim add-ons.

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