Free Open Beta For Awesome Zero-Gravity VR Game This Weekend

Developer Ready at Dawn’s next game, Echo Arena, aims to be one of the first real sports games in virtual reality–and this weekend, you can check it out for free.

Echo Arena’s open beta started today, and it’s available to anyone who has an Oculus Rift headset. You can download it here. The game consists of four vs. four matches of a sport that’s essentially a mix of ultimate frisbee and rugby in zero gravity. You have hand jets and a boost that let you move around the arena, and you can also grab objects and throw yourself over them.

Your goal is to pick up a disc and throw it into the other team’s goal. However, players also have the ability to punch enemies, which locks their armor and forces them to drop the disc if they’re carrying it.

I was able to play a match last week at E3 2017, and I came away very impressed with how it felt like a real, physical sport. It was exciting to race around the arena and take swings at other players. If you’re interested in learning more about it, read my preview here.

Echo Arena officially launches on July 20 for Oculus Rift, and the full game will be free. If you can’t play it this weekend, the developer promises that there’ll be more open betas before its full release. It’s a standalone spinoff of another Ready at Dawn-developed VR game, called Lone Echo, which is a single-player, narrative adventure game. Lone Echo also launches on July 20, and it’ll cost $ 35.

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