Fender is launching Bluetooth speakers that look like Fender amps because you love Fender

Fender is planning to enter the crowded Bluetooth speaker market this summer with two devices: the Newport and Monterey. The portable, cheaper Newport model can last up to 12 hours on a charge and features two full-range drivers and a tweeter. It has a built-in microphone so you can take phone calls, as well as a USB port for charging other devices while it’s in use.

The larger Monterey includes two woofers and two tweeters. There’s no battery inside, so it has to be plugged in at all times. It’ll cost $ 349.99 and the Newport will cost $ 199.99 when they’re released in July.

Both speakers’ most jarring and obvious feature is their terrible “amp-style metal grille.” Clearly they’re meant to resemble Fender’s actual amps, but does someone need that much brand loyalty? Fender released an amp this month, actually, that can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. It only costs $ 249.99 for the smallest version. An amp and a speaker for the price of one? That’s at least more of a deal.

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