Features of the New iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S is about ready to make its debut on October 14th. If you’re on the fence about Apple’s latest product, this article will help walk you through the newest features that it carries. Features such as Siri (your assistant), the 8MP camera, and the dual-core A5 chip are just a few components that will help make the iPhone 4S a very powerful tool.

Let’s talk about Siri, first. She’s going to be your virtual assistant. If I may be so bold, you might call her your bitch. She not only answers questions but understands your questions. She can make phone calls for you. She can schedule appointments in iCal, and she can set reminders as well. Just call her your Administrative Assistant. Who wouldn’t want someone like that?

Secondly, I want to discuss this powerful camera that is in the phone! More often then not, I am reaching for my iPhone to take pictures of my kids because I rarely lug around the “big camera”. In fact, Apple goes so far to say it might be the only camera you need. Those are some confident words right there. Not only does it have 8 Mega Pixels, but it has a larger f/2.4 aperture, which allows more light in so pictures are brighter, more colorful. Heck, it might be the only camera I do need! Let’s not forget the video camera, too! As a mom, I’m always wanting to capture the cute and funny things my kids do. I think the days of lugging an actual video camera are long gone. iPhone’s video camera shoots 1080 HD video. That’s the resolution on my flatscreen in the family room!

What is the dual-core A5 chip exactly? Well in one word, it’s a processor. Okay, two words. Powerful processor. What that means is it is faster and will open those programs, apps, safari, faster then it ever did before. You may think it’s a battery sucker. But because it is so fast, it actually saves your battery.

With the iPhone 4S comes the iOS5. That’s the next operating system from Apple, and they’ve really upped the ante with over 200 new features. The most exciting feature just might be the notification center. In that center, you can see new emails, text messages, missed phone calls and messages, as well as calendar events. In one place. No more clicking that home button to get to the next app. Genius.

There are so many new features to the latest creation from Apple. I think this is one phone that will really blow the competition out of the water! All the information on the new iPhone 4S came from the Apple Site.

Source by Jessica Crozier

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