Facebook’s new Lists feature is yet another way to post personal updates

Facebook’s new Lists feature is yet another way to post personal updates

Facebook is introducing a new feature for posting status updates, called Lists, as reported by TechCrunch. The new feature, which begins rolling out today, is yet another way the company is trying to get people to share more personal content to their own pages, following statuses with colored backgrounds, its Did You Know feature, and all sorts of ways to make anyone use Stories.

Lists appears to be a way for users to create a list of, well, anything they choose, such as places they’d like to travel to or a simple to-do for the day, as shown in the examples below. The Lists can then be decorated with gradient backgrounds and assigned an emoji that appears next to the list title.

If the new feature is available for you, it should appear as an option once you tap on “What’s on your mind?” to create an update. Once there, tap “Add to your post” (on mobile) and if you have Lists, it will be among the other selections like “Ask for Recommendations” and “Answer a Question.”

Like most recent adjustments to Facebook, Lists is an attempt to encourage users to share more about themselves, the way they are feeling, and what they’re up to. People have been sharing fewer personal updates on the platform, as feeds become stuffed with brand advertisements, memes, and publisher videos. In December, Facebook said it will demote posts that request likes or shares, and earlier this year, Facebook said it is changing the News Feed in order to promote “meaningful posts,” in an effort to show more content from friends and family.

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