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ESports: How to be a professional Esports Athlete – Pro gamer gives his tips | Gaming | Entertainment

Professional gaming has slowly shed its taboo status to become a legitimate option for gamers today.

Online competitions and tournaments with some of the world’s most popular games have enticed millions of fans to tune in to watch, as these young professional ESports athletes compete at the highest level of mechanical skill. 

A number of high-profile professional tournaments for games like Overwatch, FIFA, and League of Legends have pushed gaming into the public conscience and removed the stigma of gaming being a lazy and wasteful pastime. 

Many young fans are now training to become the next big star in ESports, grinding hours of their time to be the best they can be, but what does it really take to be a professional ESports gamer?

How do you become a professional ESports athlete? 

There are many ways to become a professional gamer, but there are two things you MUST have in order to succeed: determination and skill.

Last month, British professional gamer Isaac Charles, was part of a groundbreaking team that competed infant of 20,000 live fans at the Overwatch League Grand Finals, in Brooklyn, New York. 

Known as his online moniker Boombox, Isaac has ground his way through the tiers of professional gaming to take part in the grand finals in one of the biggest ESports tournaments ever. 

The League Grand Finals was watched by more than 10 million people, broadcast on Disney XD and ESPN, as well as being played out live infant of a huge, 20,000 strong audience. 

Isaac took to the stage and put in an admirable performance in front of the crowd, despite his young age of 21 years, to make history.

Speaking exclusively to, Isaac Charles said: “The thing about being a pro gamer is that it shocks people how much time we put into being the best. We train as hard as other sporting athletes and I think that people are beginning to learn that ESports is the next best thing.”

While players are not expected to stretch out and train on a pitch, they do train their mental and mechanical skill, practicing more than nine hours a day to hone their skills. 

Rumours circulated that some Overwatch League players would train 10-16 hours a day in preparation for their weekend fixtures.

Isaac said: ”I like being a pro gamer but it is tough. We are all really close friends and at the end of the dayit is their skill against yours. We have good synergy and I think that is why we see success.

“The only thing I can think to advise if you want to go pro is to train. If you have the skill and the determination to be better than other players, you will make it.” 

Most professional gamers will make their name in the competitive scene of their chosen game, grinding through the ranked ladder to be at the top of the regional leaderboards. 

However, more and more ESports teams are opening up collegiate or academy teams to grow into profession ESports.  

There are a number of teams that you can apply for to test your skills and see if you are ready to be a professional ESports gamer. 

Isaac finished by advising young gamers: “just stick at it. It takes patience and determination, but if you are meant to grow into a pro gamer, it will happen for you.”

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