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Artificial intelligence equal to experts in detecting eye diseases

Credit: University College London An artificial intelligence (AI) system, which can recommend the correct referral decision for more than 50 eye diseases, as accurately as experts has been developed by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, DeepMind

Artificial Intelligence Will Serve Humans, Not Enslave Them

Scientific American September 2018 AI will serve our species, not control it Humans are the only animals that build machines. by doing so, we expand our capabilities beyond our biological limits. Tools turn our hands into more versatile

Advice and Paper Pushing in Banking will be Killed by Artificial Intelligence

For over 100 years employment has been shifting out of big industry and into services. Whether agriculture, fishing, mining or in the last 50 years manufacturing, as processes become automated, we’ve shifted to jobs where humans matter.

The Human Factor is Essential to Eliminating Bias in Artificial Intelligence

More and more technology and digital services are built upon, and driven, by AI and machine learning. But as we are beginning to see, these programmes are starting to replicate the biases which are fed into them,

How Artificial Intelligence and 360-Cameras Are Helping to Save Coral Reefs

Climate change has been bleaching coral reefs, decimating the local marine species that call them home, since at least the first major observations were recorded in the Caribbean in 1980. Thankfully, new A.I. cataloguing designed to identify

Artificial Intelligence way to go for businesses? 90% executives believe so

It seems artificial intelligence (AI) is the way to go for businesses and corporate. Going by a recent study, as many as 90 per cent of executives feel AI will have a positive impact on their company’s

Artificial Intelligence: Ready to add more value to your content | Thought Leadership

As the quantity of content available online is exploding, metadata is now the key to offering better user experience and securing better exposure of your news and sport content. Properly indexed, footage can be found, navigated through

How Artificial Intelligence Can Create a Compelling Customer Experience

geralt / Pixabay The concept of artificial intelligence was the stuff of science fiction in the early days and became popular when anthropomorphic robots were featured on literature and eventually the silver screen. With technology making amazing

The Real Payoff From Artificial Intelligence Is Still a Decade Off – Foreign Policy

It has been 21 years since IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer checkmated chess champion Garry Kasparov, marking a historic moment in the development of artificial intelligence technologies. Since then, artificial intelligence has invaded everyday objects, such as cell

The Last Frontier For Artificial Intelligence

Millions of people may need to switch occupations and acquire new skills as AI begins to replace huge numbers of jobs over the next decade. The details on how this transition is going to play out, however,