Best iPhone Features And Downloads

The new Apple iPhone has many great features that you do not have on the regular cell phones most people own. The iPhone is a great tool to keep everything you need handy with just a touch of your finger. Some new features include:

* Phone Conferencing

* Call Holding

* Call Merging

* Song fade when call is received

* Visual list of voicemail

* Ringtones purchased through itunes

* Album cover music library

* Wi-Fi hot spot automatic search

* Video play on widescreen orientation

The ipod and video features are great entertainment tools. You will need to find a good website to get movies and music for your iPhone or your ipod for that matter. Some things to look for when choosing a download website:

* Make sure you are getting the most for your money

* Make sure they offer a large selection of choices

* Make sure there is a technical suppoert line you should get stuck in the process.

You will want to get the most enjoyment possible from your new iPhone so be sure and maximize all of the features that you have. The applications are easy to use and maneuver around. The design is beautiful and very user friendly. It is a great source of entertainment in one small package.

There are several paid membership sites where you can download movies and music. You want a source that is dependent. Many of the fees are lifetime or yearly subscriptions that are reliably inexpensively and give you unlimited downloads. Do your homework and compare to make sure you are getting the best offer possible.

Source by Becky Berry


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