AT&T reprices its unlimited data plans

AT&T changed the cost of its single-line, unlimited data plans today by simultaneously raising and lowering prices, according to Ars Technina. The telecom’s Unlimited Choice plan is going up to $ 65 from $ 60, and its Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan is dropping to $ 80 from $ 90. Family plan prices went up $ 5. Both plans have existed for nearly a year now, and the pricing adjustment comes with some changes to service.

Ars reports that the cheaper Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan used to limit internet speeds to 3Mbps and video streaming to 1.5Mbps. Now, the 3Mbps limit doesn’t exist, although these customers will get slower speeds if the network is congested. The limit still exists if customers stay on their original Unlimited Choice plan, however.

Unlimited Plus Enhanced customers can experience slower speeds once they’ve used 22GB in a month. The plan also now allows 15GB of mobile hotspot usage until a tethering speed limit of 12kbps is enacted. These plans are complicated, as many phone plans are, so make sure you’re clear about activation fees and taxes when you sign up.

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