Are There Solar Powered Cell Phones?

Have you ever wondered if there are solar powered cell phones? In the current world, going green and getting the most from environmentally friendly products is essential. With the recent developments over the years, cell phone manufactures have listened. There are phones powered by the sun. In fact, they have been on the market since 2009.

Heavily these phones have been marketed to areas that do not have access to electricity. In fact, they have seen an increase in popularity in countries such as Africa and Asia. In areas where communication is essential, these have become a perfect fit. This has offset the need to go into distant towns just to recharge a cell phone battery.

Solar powered cell phones are designed to charge while sitting in the sunlight. On average for each hour they are left in the sun they receive a charge strong enough to power the phone for five to ten minutes. As technology advances, the charge times will certainly come down on these phones. Some manufacturers have already begun the first steps to this by adding lower powered LCD screens.

But there is a benefit to these phones as well. The biggest advantage is even if there is an emergency that takes out the power you will still have a phone. Even if the power is off at your home for weeks, you can place the phone in direct sunlight and have access to a phone in the event there is a future emergency that you need to have handled. Since it is also friendlier on the Earth, you are doing your part to help conserve energy.

There is no doubt that solar powered cell phones are real, and provide users with a benefit in their normal lives. In the current world where we need to focus on our environment and protecting it, they give us a new way to protect our Earth. As with any item research is essential to making a purchase, but these exciting devices will certainly come in handy, and with the power of the sun.

Source by Jim P Peterson


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