Are Macs Better Than PCs? 5 Reasons Why They Are

If you're a PC user thinking of making the crossover to Apple, you may have asked yourself more than once, "but are Macs really better than PCs?" The simple answer: yes, they are. Mac computers are faster, have better graphics, and are easier to use. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose to buy a Mac instead of a PC for your next computer.

  1. Macs are more powerful. The government determinates whether or not a machine is categorized as a "super-computer" by its MTOPS (Millions of Theoretical Operations Per Second). The low-end Mac computer reviewed 17,917 while the low-end 14,994. Even more impressively, the top Mac scored 60,750 compared to a measly 32,000 by the top PC.
  2. Macs are lighter and sleeker. The actual hardware components in a Mac are more efficient and compact than those in a PC, making Macs much, much lighter.
  3. Macs have better applications. The software installed on a Mac is by far superior to that of a PC. It's so much easier (and more fun) to organize your photos with iPhoto, you can create home videos in a matter of minutes using iMovie, and you can even create your own music using GarageBand. And these apps are including in your Mac, right from the start! If you're into photography or graphic design, the software you can use on your Mac blows any PC programs right out of the park.
  4. Macs have a longer battery life. The new MacBooks have a redesigned battery, that can last up to 9 hours on a single charge! Never has a PC laptop been known to last more than 3 hours unplugged. This makes working remotely a lot less of a hassle.
  5. Macs are more durable. MacBook Pros are now made from a single piece of machined aluminum, instead of having a bunch of different parts somehow connecting together. This greatly reduces the chance of a part breaking or distorting, resulting in a much tougher laptop.

There you have it, folks, in black and white. Now, when you are asked "are macs better than pcs?", You have 5 great ways to answer that question. All in all, Macs are more powerful and compact machines that have better applications and that are much more durable.

Source by Andrea Colt


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