Apple Files Patent For Possible iPhone Powered LapTop

Apple Files Patent For Possible iPhone Powered LapTop

Apple has filed a new patent, with the possibility of future plans to create a docking station using an iPhone or iPad to transform into a laptop.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has released sketches of Apple’s recent future plans for the iPhone and the iPad. The patent sketches are described as  “Electronic Accessory Device,” it looks like from the image display that the iPhone and the iPad have two different styles for each device. Both will work as a trackpad when placed on a laptop shell working as a docking station.

The docking station resembles a shell of a laptop which would provide a display and keyboard, but from the description of it, there would be no storage, CPU, or GPU, this is where the hardware of the iPhone and the iPad comes into play. The user would place their iPhone device on the docking station in a designated area on the shell laptop, for the iPad, the user would place in the display area of the laptop shell, this will allow the iPhone/iPad to connect the operating system to the larger gadget, which will allow the user to operate an iPhone or an iPad like a laptop. The devices would connect to the laptop-like-device by a physical connector such as a lightening or wireless via Bluetooth.

Source:                                                                                                                                                 Photo Credit: Patently Apple

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